• "We now have a system that logs customer calls, book appointments, and a price book that holds the products the system design specification is built from. We had around 20 template documents, now half a dozen. Benefits, the time saving in producing the customer ‘package’ (around 3 hours plus, now 20 minutes from start to finish for a large complex job) plus we have a central database of products and a flexible system that can grow & adapt."

    Neil Jones, Frontline Automation

  • "Prior to using the system, our sales planning and forecasting was somewhat subjective with sales people creating a pipeline based upon their personal opinion. Using the system has ensured that all opportunities were qualified and quantified against a specific set of criteria that immediately changed the perception of the sales team. Accountability became the norm and within three months an improvement of 15% in predictability was apparent."

    General Manager, Security Products Manufacturer

  • "SymVolli has helped us to be proactive in the delivery of IT support services to our clients as well as being able to produce management reports whenever they are required in an instant - instead of taking on average one and half hours at the end of week. A discipline has also been instilled into our operation, due to the simple fact that everybody is using a standard best practice help desk process that meets our needs."

    Anne Stokes, Managing Director, Streamwire